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Olixar Ultimate Mains 3A Universal Fast Charger & Travel Adapters Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your devices at rapid speed with the 3A USB Mains Fast Charger. Compatible with modern super fast charging standards, you can charge your compatible phone up to 75% faster in over 150 countries around the world with the 4 travel adapters.
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 4.7 stars from 66 customers

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At last, a charger that really charges fast. Now I don't need to wait several hours to be able to use my tablet . Very satisfied!
Good product and excellent service
Good product and excellent service
Nice design
Ideal for foreign travel. Excellent at fast charge. Good value. Quick delivery. Nothing to criticise.
Works as advertised
I was disappointed with the slow charging speed of my iPad Pro using Apple’s default charger.

This unit cuts the charge time in half (roughly speaking) and I appreciate that.
Was very impressed with your Companies's communications. The Goods arrived without delay and well packaged.
The Product is excellent, versatile for travelling and does it it say it does. great product!!
Great charger for travel
This charger will be great for world travel since it has four different types of wall socket pins. I am only using it in USA so I know this adapter set works, but am sure the others will work fine when the time comes.
Good value and does the job
The friend who received this unit was very happy with the charger but disappointed that it did not come with a USB-C charging cable included ... his assumption was based on the photo showing it in use. I bought & gave him a cable and he is very happy.
Very fast
The fast charge travel adaptor lives up to its name, charging my phone very much quicker than the standard charger.
works gr8!
product works great. charge my phone from 22% to 90% in 15mins
This fast charger is everything I was hoping for,does exactly what it said it does in a fraction of the time..
great charger
I bought this charger for my phone, its as stated, a fast charger
Very fast
Fast charges at least as quick as my Samsung fast charger for my Galaxy S6 but cheaper. My partner also uses it for her S7 and was impressed how quickly he charged iot up.
Asked the question would it of been compatible with my phone, the reply was swift and just what I needed to hear.. Top rate seller, would definitely purchase from them again..
Only for UK use
Just received the charger and failing in changing the UK adapter to the EU lest the contacts snap off in spite of using "little force" I would not take it with me next time I go to Austria.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you had problems with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Fully satisfied
Lightweight, compact, convenient to use in different countries. During charging, it is not heated.
Many thanks great product
Many thanks great product I love this fast charger it works well with my Sony Xperia X..
Happy I gave you a second chance
I am very happy with my purchase of the Turbo charger. Just the juice booster I needed.
And I am glad I was able to purchase it from this company....to give them a second chance (something I don't normally do these days).
I initially I had ordered this same product a while back but received a cover for a different product instead. I paid through PayPal so there were no issues with refund.
Unfortunately, the customer service for mobilefun, at the time, wasn't up to par but I'm sure by now that that has been rectified.
This time around I did not need to contact the company as the charger came as described and on time and is working flawlessly.
So thanks mobilefun
Rapid charging
This is a rapid charger that with the the correct lead will offer a speedy charging solution. It comes with an array of plugs for both Europe and North America. However it will need to be used with a high speed lead to realise it's full potential.
Not suitable for nexus 5x
If u r looking for a substitute charger for yr nexus 5x, dont buy it, since it can only provide normal charging instead of fast charging for nexus 5x
MobileFun Reply

Unfortunately, the Nexus 5X doesn't support Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 and therefore your device may charge at the standard rate. Hope this helps.
V Good!!
Very good
Charger works well with our Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Only problem is the multinational heads that can be exchanged but once you put one head on it is almost impossible to remove and replace with another. This problem has been stated by other purchasers and needs to be looked into.
It stopped working after 3 months
It stopped working after 3 months,
Not sure if it's worth it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Aashish

Sorry to hear it has stopped working. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate.
It really works.
It is as its described. It takes about a couple if hours to fully recharge my phone. Before it took me between 12 and18 hours.
Good value for money.
I absolutely have no regret buying this item, it's doing exactly the job it's meant to be doing. It's made life a lot easier when in Europe cos of the 2 pin head that also comes with it. Fantastic product,good value for money.
Happy with product, well packaged..
Better than expected
I bought this mainly for the travel adaptor as it will be handy when going abroad, however the fast charger is just that so is great if you've forgot to charge the phone and you need it done quickly. A good buy at a good price.
product works very fine
product works very fine - thanks
Great product
Simple and efficient product, works exactly as promised!
very pleased
How fast,reliable,lightweight, what different adapters are included.
Not so easily adaptable...
I bought this because I wanted a faster charger than the one supplied with my phone and thought it would be handy to have the interchangeable travel adapters.
Happy with the speed of charging. Not so happy with the fact that swapping the adapters proved almost impossible. However with a combination of brute force and persistence I have managed to practise changing the adapters and it is now fairly easy to do (seems like something needed "wearing in"?)
It's not fast charger
It's not fast charger, don't buy. Charging my phone for 6 hours.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ernest

Can you check the cable you are using and try an alternative. If still having problems, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Works well with LG G4
Although this isn't a "Qualcomm Quick Charge" certified charger, my LG G4 recognises it as a fast charger anyway, and it works just fine.
Excellent product.
Tried it at home and very fast. Will save taking multiple power plugs and adapters when travelling overseas.
Very happy with same
Very happy with same.
Fast postage also
Does the job
I bought this charger as the phone manufacturer have stopped providing chargers in with new phones, and my old chargers were not fast chargers. The delivery was quick and since receiving it I have had no problems. Call me naive but, from the picture, I did expect to receive a cable with the charger and it does not come with one.
ooks good
I havnt used it yet but its got every thing you could ever need to charge a phone etc any where in the world and quickly so its a very useful little charger kit
Great travel chargers
Just what I was looking for, fast travel chargers. They do the job very well and I am most pleased with them.
Great product
I bought this for my holiday and it is exactly what I wanted. It's great that it has the attachments for different countries. Looking forward to trying it out
Just the job
Before purchasing i did wonder if the charger would live up to its expectation, im happy to confirm it exceeded mine. Compared to using the normal supplied plug and lead its a definate winner. Purchase this charger and be delighted with a reliable quick charge when needed.
Much faster than usual
I can recharge my phone or tablet in half the time it used to take with my usual charge cable/unit
Great gast charger
The charging of my phone is really quick. The charger is as I expected. I can use it with any device and the bonus is the use of other travel adapters such as to Europe USA or Australia. Good value for that money... Also quick delivery service. Great choice and I am content with this product.
Olixar charger
The exchange rates for purchasing at mobilefun.uk.
What colours are available without going further checkingZ
Fast Charge on the Move
A highly recommended device for fast charging on the move internationally. Charges my iPhone from under 10% to fully charged in just over one hour.
The idea of combining a fast charger with a selection of travel adapters is brilliant
This us another great product from Olixar. The idea of combining a fast charger with a selection of travel adapters is brilliant. It works so well and is a great deal more useful than a fast charger from Samsung.It means that one can forget to worry about taking separate adapters abroad.Superb product get one now.
Fast charge
I was very sceptical of the reviews for the olixar charger but after purchasing and using it I agree that it is a fast charger.in fact I would say it is a very fast charger. My iPad was very slow to charge I usually charged it overnight and it would take approximately 12 hrs to fully charge,with the olixar charger that has been cut to 4 hrs. I was very impressed so I bought another to fast charge my phone so I can charge them both very quickly. I would recommend mobile fun for their fast service I ordered the chargers on separate days and they both arrived the the next day
These adapters were so good in the States. Hassle free, just plug them in, attach your USB lead and away you go. Fantastic fast charge and so easy to use. Highly recommend them to anyone. Keep one in your bag so you can recharge at the airport or cafes and restaurants. BRILLIANT. So so glad we bought them. It amused us that especially in New York people went into cafes just to charge their phone, They sat there quite a long time to get some charge in them. With one of these chargers they could have saved themselves a lot of time! Wouldn't travel again without them. Thank you so much for this product.
good product with good service
Ordered this after our mobiles were taking hours to fully charge. The products arrived promptly and I haven't looked back. They are faster at charging and they come with adapters to use abroad, including USA and Australia.
absolutely brilliant
Fully charged my Microsoft Lumia in 2 hours. Used to take 5-6 hours with the Microsoft charger. Really pleased, and travel adapters are extremely useful.
A quality product at a good price
A quality product at a good price.
My iPhone 6 Plus went from 28% charge to 86% in 40 mins
Excellent service, this device does exactly what it says on the tin! My iPhone 6 Plus went from 28% charge to 86% in 40 mins.
Great product, works well. Good delivery process, pleasure doing business, will do again
Excellent product
The Olixar Mains Universal Fast Charger is an excellent product: It does exactly what it says on the tin! It comes with easily exchanged travel adaptors, a simple and hassle-free solution for travellers! I recommend it highly!
Great plug
Works well with fast charge. Fantastic that it comes with different plugs to use internationally.
Works well!
Works as advertised with cell phones, tablets, watches, etc.
Comes with adaptors.
Pleased with how quickly it charges my tablet.
Good in that worldwide adapters included but charging increase does not appear to be as good as you claim
Good in that worldwide adapters included but charging increase does not appear to be as good as you claim
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

The performance depends greatly on the device you own. The Olixar Ultimate Mains Universal Fast Charger will provide as much power as the device will allow and with it supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging and an output of up to 3A - it is a very capable fast charging item.
quickest charger i have ever had buy one now glyn of watford oh did i mention how cheap they are.
Great does what it says on the nox going on hols soon so packed multi plug.
Advert disscription fine jusy checked it would be the right gatget for my phone.
Brilliant charger
Brilliant charger with few european adapters. Chargin my phone super fast.
Travel Charger
Charger is very good. It has adapters for every continent. Price good. Service excellent.
Works with quick charging
All I wanted was a charger that worked with adaptive charging or whatever Samsung call it, basically Qualcomm quick charge 2.0, doesn't use hardly any power when the phone is full, my box can't measure it anyway so less than 0.1w

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