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Obliq Skyline Advance Pro LG G5 Case - Gun Metal Reviews

The Obliq Skyline Advance Pro Stand Case in gun metal is an ergonomic protective case for the LG G5, providing fantastic shock absorption without adding excessive bulk. It also features a built-in stand for viewing media.
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 4.8 stars from 13 customers

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Nice slim case
I purchased two cases the Love Mei Powerful LG for everyday use around children) and the Obliq Skyline Advance Pro LG (particularly for when I travel). I bought this case for its slim structure that fits in the hands free case when driving. I bought it for its simple look, however I did not like the design inside the case. When I look for a simple design I particularly don't like finding something I don't expect inside.
Without a doubt the best armour case on the market today
Without a doubt the best armour case on the market today for the lg g5 fitmentvis to perfection
Stylish , nice colour has protected fine
Stylish , nice colour has protected fine so far although doesn't feel as durable as i had expected
LOve how sleek it is, maintaining that beautiful metal touch yet with effective almost unseen rubber grip on the sides. Very quick/smooth volume cover buttons.Been using it now for a month - no scratch, no complaints, just very happy with it!
Great protection
I recommend purchasing the Skyline Advance model "before" you accidentally drop your smart phone. Unfortunately, in my situation, my purchase was after dropping it. Briefly, when I purchased this phone (the first I have ever owned) the retail store said that they did not have a cover available. Puzzled, I thought, well I just saved some money because I'm always careful with my things and I doubted that anything would happen to my new purchase. I procrastinated for about a month and then it happened...... I dropped my phone..... and the screen was damaged with a hairline crack running diagonally through it. When the damage occurred I immediately though, "Isn't that just great!" "Murphy's Law is alive and well." So, don't follow my example of waiting because you're thinking, "nothing will happen to my phone!" Get protection right away and a Skyline Advance with its special features and military-grade drop protection is what you need. Don't wait because the expense for repairing your unprotected phone will be far greater than a quality protective cover. I recommend Skyline Advance.
I loved the case, its a beautiful colour
I loved the case, its a beautiful colour however it is a little bulky. But besides that a really really nice case.
Great product
The product is very well made and fits the phone perfectly! The built in stand is great though personally back to front when in use it makes the phone sit on the volume buttons) however I found quite easy dismantle the case and turn it around. Over all I'm very impressed with it and would buy it again if needed!!

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