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Griffin Capacitive Stylus For iPad And iPhone Reviews

More control as you write, sketch, tap and drag on your iPad, iPhone or any touchscreen.
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 4.3 stars from 42 customers

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Easy to handle, works very well with both my mobile and tablet.
Not quite convinced by this. I had hoped it would have had a finer tip offering better control. Quality seems good but I probably wouldn't buy it again. However I will use it.
useless if you have protective film on your screen
I have a protective film I purchased when I bought my tablet to protect the glass screen. The dagi stylus grabs on the film and skitters and jumps - impossible to draw a smooth line and extremely frustrating to even attempt to use. Really useless in this circumstance.

Perhaps if you don't have a protective film on your screen it would work well, I don't know. But for my purposes, I've just blown $$$ for nothing.
Great help
Phone cover is excellent & easy to work. Stylus much quicker & more accurate the finger use. Thank you for quick delivery.
Impulse buy
Chunky pencil was I'm impulse buy to help me txt faster but it's more use on an iPad , a bit too chunky for the fone keyboard
Does wha it needs to do
Good product delivered swiftly
A very useful device.
The stylus enables one to write accurately on the iPhone and minimises letter and number selection errors. The stylus is well made and has a feel of quality. It reduces grease marks on the glass such as those left after using fingers.
Best Stylus ever used!
I did have a little issue with the first JotPro with a manufacturing issue which Mobile Fun sorted with excellent service, but I have been using the JotPro for over a fortnight now and I cannot imagine using my fingers for anything bar typing!

The JotPro fits nicely in your hand and has nice weighted feel about it and I have found the extra length compared to other stylus makes for greater control over everything I use it for, and it has improved my artwork a hundred fold versus the other stylus I used to use (which are now used by my wife in her iPhone).

If you are interested in drawing or doing detailed work you can't look for better than the JotPro, it's well worth the money!
Beats my index finger
Useful tool in helping to keep the screen clear of sticky finger marks and enables the editing of emails more easily before despatch.
I can now write messages and emails in half the time on my phone.
It would be be nice if it came with a carry case so that it does not get damaged when not in a handbag
The service provided by Mobile Fun is and always has been excellent, thank you guys.
Christmas Present
I bought the stylus for my sister for her new Ipad 2 and she is thrilled with it. Mobile delivered a fast and pleasing service and I would use them again.
Griffin Capacitive Stylus For iPad
So far, an excellent product at an excellent price. From order to delivery was 2 days. Excellent service. Thank you.
Best one yet!
Tried many capacitative styluses, and this is the first one that I really feel confident will last the pace. Love it.
GREAT product and GREAT service
Really pleased with the DAGi stylus ... takes some getting used to and is excellent for fine artwork and for more detailed typing, e.g. choosing more exactly where to type ... just got it today, after ordering it yesterday at 3pm, so MobileFun totally rocks ... my main purpose for buying was for artwork, and I see a vast difference in the artwork I can do with the DAGi stylus as opposed to the boxwave, which is actually great for typing and games and general use most of all. Thanks MobileFun for such quick delivery of a great item.
Griffin Capacitive Stylus
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Much thinner than my fingers, which allows more accurate input onto a smartphone touchscreen. Struggled to type accurately before, no problems now!
I would have given 5 stars if it had been a even thinner.
Good Stylus
Ordered on Sunday and received this morning, Tuesday, as usual excellent service. The only gripe I have is that the web page for this item is slightly misleading as it shows 2 Stylus so was expecting 2 in the pack. Apart from that it seems to be good and will eliminate fingerprints on the screen.
This is a must.
This item makes typing on my Ipad 2 very easy and quick. Saves marking the glass for the Ipad 2.
Great capacitive stylus
I really like this stylus, and it works very well. I haven't tried other ones, but this one is great because you can see where you're drawing, which I think most of the other ones don't do, and it's quite important if you want to draw with precision. It takes a bit getting used to it, and you have to hold it in a precise way if you want the red dot to line up with your drawing. But it's not a big deal.

The only negative thing is that there is a part that surrounds the tip, and it fell off mine after carrying it around for a week or so. Luckily I didn't lose it, and it was easy to fit back on, but now I feel I really need to find a cover for it, which is not an easy task.

But over all, it's a great piece of kit, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to draw on their iPad or iPhone.
Great for drawing
I bought this stylus cause I needed a functional way to draw on my phone (I use Autocad's Sketchbook for quick pictures to show to my clients), and it works perfectly. In spite of the wide tip area, when you draw the lines appear exactly where you expect them to, and everything feels smooth and intuitive.
Only con: it's as big as a real stylus. I would've preferred it smaller.
Useful tool
Not a pen,not a brush, but a great improvement on a fingertip.
It works
Ordered this yesterday, and by standard post it arrived today. Perhaps a little cheap in feel, but works great. By far better than any other pen stick I have bought/tried. Happy with the product
Works Well
Does it's job very well, so much easier than using my rather large fingers! Only downside is where to keep it safely - a small case would help or some means of attaching to phone case. Have a fear of breaking off the business end.
It works well with no probs so far (2months).

It my opinion it could be a lot shorter.
Dagi Stylus
The Dagi Stylus pen is very good to use, smooth and precise

Drawing accuracy is improved due to the clear flat tip

The only issue at first is you have to hold the pen correctly (the clear tip must be help flat to the surface of the screen, it Just takes a little time to get use to. over all a great pen.
Good product
This is a good product. I bought the stylus to use with my HTC Hero as I found text entry via the screen to be next to impossible. It works beautifully once you get the knack of tapping the keys. As a bonus, it works well with the iPad, meaning that the screen seldom needs to be cleaned and will, presumably, last longer.
Dagi stylus
This is the best stylus I have tried for the ipad and allows me to write onto penultimate. It is still not as good as writing with a pen would be but a big improvement on every other stylus on the market at the moment.I bought it from mobilefun who were excellent and very fast with delivery.
Good Stylus
I'm a retired Artist/Designer.I have an IMac/Wacom tablet combination which I use as an artist [hobby].The Dagi/IPad combination works very well, but requires practice.Stick at it and you'll be rewarded....ENJOY!
My wife says "It's rubbish!"""
I bought my wife a Prada (LG) handset.
She loves it, except for texting with the full finger input.
I looked for alternatives and came up with this 5 star rated device.
"Worse than a finger and too large" (to quote my wife.
She is now switching to a HTC Touch HD (with stylus).
Bought it as had trouble with keypad "guessing" what I wanted to type. The pen is worst than fingers doesn't register half the time and it is so big that there is no where to put it in the case so gets left on side or bottom of bag. £15 down the drain.
Works great for painting/drawing/note-taking tasks
The DAGi is working great for me when painting, drawing, and note taking on an iPad. It does take a little getting used to as you need to hold it at a specific angle (so the face is flat against the screen), but the accuracy and visibility of what you are doing makes it more than worthwhile. Works best when you have a continuous drawing/sketching task, i.e. I don't often use it for general navigation button tapping. Side benefit is that your screen stays much more finger smudge free :)
Dagi Capactive Stylus
I've tried some styluses before and none have close to this. You don't need to apply lots of pressure, the same as your finger. It is incredibly accurate from the start though through more use your typing speeds up faster than a finger. The stylus also moves pages around and resizes them. It obviously is great for word games and similar puzzle/quiz games, but I'm playing action games with ease. It has a solid feel, leaves no marks on screen and even the plastic end to me feels solid. A can't be improved product that I can think of. A definate buy.
More than just a stylus
This is absolutely great. You don't need to apply pressure for the buttons to recognised and they are always recognised. Typing is quick because of the accuracy and the little pressure needed. The screen has no marks left from use and the end is so accurate and the whole stylus has a solid feel. The surprise for me was that you can also scroll the screen with it and
play games where previously my finger blocked the view. Excellent product.
DAGi Capacitive Stylus
A very handy tool for some one with stiff and stubby fingers
Great product
I bought the DAGi stylus to use on my iPad after trying 2 others first. This is by far the best - a but more expensive the others, but worth every penny.

Also works well with my iPhone. Nice.
Dagi Stylus
A great item and superfast delivery, arrived within 24 hours.Keep up the good work

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