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Cellular Line Triple Power In Car Charging Adapter with 2x USB Ports Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Packed with enough power to charge up to three devices simultaneously, the Triple Power in car charger features 2x standard USB ports as well as a car outlet adapter for sat navs, FM transmitters, dash cams and much more.
  • Mobile Fun ID 62411

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 4.7 stars from 7 customers

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Compact and Neat
Very useful addition to tidy up wires when driving, can charge phones and power satnav in one convenient adjustable unit.
Nice kit
I ordered this not fully knowing what I was getting as anything off the internet.
However its good and better than I thought, I didn't expect the top to move up and down which makes it more flexible for every car.
Works fine cant fault it.
Just the thing if you need a couple of USB ports
I needed something to plug in a USB cable for my dash-camera as well as the car charging port. This was the most compact one I could find.
The flexible joint is great to keep the cables out of the way.
Good Value for Money
Purchased this to replace my original charger which I broke. It does everything it supposed to. Great value for money.
Excellent Value
I had recently broken my in car Charger so required a new one. It looks sleek in the holder with the blue light on the handle. I can also plug in my webcam as well as charge both our two phones.Excellent value for the money. Would buy another one.
Let down by a design flaw
It looks great and (sort of) works. So why only three stars?
There's a very basic design flaw. The unit is advertised as allowing existing devices e.g. sat navs, to be used in addition to offering 2 usb charging ports. Sounds great but the nearest usb port is too close to the 12v outlet so that the device plug clashes with the usb plug. It wouldn't be so bad if the higher amperage usb port were furthest away but, of course, it's the nearest.
Hard to believe this wasn't spotted during the pre-production phase.
Great product
This product is awesome! Not only does it keep my dashcam on all the time,I can recharge my phone without having to switch plugs ...also my passengers can recharge too if their phones are needing a recharge....all at the same time.
Great little gadget...so pleased I brought it..5 stars.

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